Kill the Pig, 2021

In 1961 Masahisa Fukase’s first solo exhibition Kill the Pig was held in Tokyo. The exhibition consisted of two series of photographs: one titled ‘Kill the Pig’ and another series titled ‘Naked’.

Sasuke, 2021

Following the survey monograph, this publication is dedicated to Masahisa Fukase’s emblematic series on his two cats: Sasuke and Momoe, combining unpublished and iconic images.

Golden Age, 2020

Group exhibition. Exhibited at Three Shadows Photography Art Center, Beijing, China. Travelled to Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre and Chengdu Contemporary Image Museum, China.

Family, 2019

Photo book. The series “Family” (Kazoku) begins with a photograph of the family studio and the following 31 images are family portraits made in the studio in chronological order.

Private Scenes, 2018

Portfolio set. This portfolio accompanies the release of Masahisa Fukase’s monograph published by Éditions Xavier Barral. This includes five collotype prints produced by Benrido on Torinoko Washi paper.

Ravens, 2017

Photo book. The coastal landscapes of Hokkaido serve as the backdrop for his profoundly dark and impressionistic photographs of ominous flocks of crows. The work has been interpreted as an ominous allegory for postwar Japan. 

Hibi, 2016

Photo book. Each of the black and white images painstakingly attend to the road’s surface – the worn road-markings, the fading lines and arrows eroded by the city’s innumerable inhabitants, a web of fissures in the asphalt.