Raven Scenes, 2018

Masahisa Fukase’s Raven Scenes was taken with 35mm colour positive film in Kanazawa, Japan in 1977-1978. Originally titled Karasu-kei (Landscape with Ravens), the series was published in the June issue of Camera Mainichi, 1978 under the title Ravens 4.

“I was previously surprised by the bird’s glowing eyes in ‘Ravens 3′ which was published in the January issue of Camera Mainichi in 1978, but this time with the colour photographs, I was surprised by the colour of the sky. Whilst shooting in Kanazawa I had to increase the ASA from 200 – 1600 and due to the light coming from behind, as well as the rainy and cloudy weather, the sky’s colour became strange and could not be predicted such as grey, green, light blue and so on. The Ravens’ eyes glow brighter when they are captured from a further distance with telephoto lens and flashlights. I was about 30 – 50 meters away from them.”

With the full support of the Masahisa Fukase Archives, Benrido has made the first ever edition prints from Fukase’s Raven Scenes. The works include 8 images which have been printed in a limited edition of 5 prints each. Each print has been posthumously stamped and numbered by the Masahisa Fukase Archives.

Please inquire for available editions at info_en@benrido.co.jp