Private Scenes, 2018

This portfolio accompanies the release of Masahisa Fukase’s monograph published by Éditions Xavier Barral. Designed by Éditions Xavier Barral (Paris) and Benrido studio (Kyoto), the portfolio includes five Masahisa Fukase’s collotype prints produced by Benrido on Torinoko Washi paper.

It includes three B&W prints and two colour ones from the new series Private Scenes where Fukase photographed different places by turning the camera on himself described by Simon Baker as “an incredible series of proto-selfies, in which Fukase bears witness to the full range of strange and desperate lifestyles (both animal and human) found in the streets and bars of Tokyo. ”

This portfolio comes in a limited edition of 25 copies. Each print has been stamped by the Masahisa Fukase Archives.